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With a Bachelor of Science from CSU, Chico Food Science, my natural bent toward helping others in balanced nutrition and exercise was my early career. Teaching as a part-time physical education instructor at Shasta Community College and assisting in the human performance laboratory.

20 years my husband and I operated Kimberling Enterprises Inc, a general construction business in San Diego focusing on commercial projects. Tenant improvements or renovations including Qualcomm, Dodge dealerships, San Diego Zoo, hair salons, faith-based organizations, and UCSD. My experience in the construction field has given me a knowledgeable advantage in the real estate industry. It’s over the barbeque and around the dinner table that conversation over projects come to life. With an architect in the family, my son and husband both create stimulating discussions of learning that organically overflows into real estate. It’s my DNA to consult with clients, provide excellent skill-man-ship and go beyond expectations for my customers. I consider myself as a customer service real estate advisor; one who knows the market, shares resources to help better inform clients, and empowering their own decision process.

Serving my family, church, local community, or in business is a deeply rooted practice taking place under the radar. Acts of service is held close to my heart and in confidence striving for the purest motive and with the audience of one. It’s unlikely you will hear me broadcasting my volunteer activities but might see me serving at a community event.

Fun is a range of activies that make up the simple and not necessarily monumental moments. Time with family and friends playing games, cornhole, breaking bread & wine together or cozying up to watch a movie is what I treasure. With 5 grandchildren, I loudly cheers, for sport games, live-theater, or music recitals. Ready to celebrate their victories, with hugs, copious amounts of dessert and the victory dance.

And anytime there is an opportunity to dance, I’m on the floor: swing, two steppin’, salsa or freestyle.  At the comfort of the Sun Oaks, I routinely attend gym classes so there are no excuses for bad weather. The consistency of “Spin” and “Active” classes keeps me challenged, reduces stress and I oddly like it. As spring approaches, activies take me all-things outdoors. Yard work is one activity I crazily relish. A canvas of creativity, I roll up my sleeves, dig in and won’t stop until it’s raked, weeded, or planted to my satisfaction.


Meet The Family

My family brings out the best in me! Their unconditional love, support is in part why I choose to be a realtor with heart, utmost care to exceed your expectations. Hard work and effort make it all worth it, so we can play hard, rest well and repeat. I can't imagine doing life without family, close friends and Coldwell Banker C&C Properties staff and agents. 

The Carter family
The Carter Family
Son, Deven

Deven is a partner at a Redding architect firm and enjoys cycling, camping and fishing. Josselyn works as ASL interpreter at a local school and her talents are many: theater and music, serving on the church worship team. They both have the hospitality bug! Tremendous heart in barbecuing and bartending for guests. Building long lasting friendships is certainly a priority. The grandkids have all attended Redding School of Arts; involved in sports, music and theater.

My husband with a bass at Shasta Lake
Victor Kimberling
Husband of 27 years

He loves the outdoors, fishing, hunting upland game and country music. He adores, Ruger our second German short-hair almost as much as the G-kids. He is a kind hearted husband and makes me laugh every morning by saying "smells like beautiful," and seldom misses a day. He enjoys fatherhood at this season to our 2 grown adult children and indulging our grandkid with candy, particularly gummy worms. Probably because it's similar to bait.

India's Family
Daughter, India

India is a single mom making it all happen by working from home, managing online school schedule and chasing a toddler. Her food of choice is shrimp anything, Mexican food and BarBQ. Moments she cherishes are cuddling on the couch with her sidekicks or crafting with the eldest daughter, making adorable items for the home and friends. When time allows, she sneaks in a trip to San Diego and Redding to see her family and friends.

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